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The premium look without the premium price-tag.

Its our mission and purpose - and its also what every woman wants: stylish, luxurious clothing at affordable pricing, complete with must-have accessories to complement that gorgeous wardrobe. What makes Yan Neo London different is its attention to detail, its craftsmanship and fit, and especially its tailoring* which is carefully designed to flatter the female form. And Yan Neo does it all at accessible, reasonable prices.

"Fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose."Lauren Hutton


Like the rest of the fashion industry, were not fully sustainable yet, but were trying - and well get there. In the meantime, were looking at supply chains to check that they comply with - or better still, exceed - regulations; 90% of our packaging is recyclable; our jewellery is all handmade, and were also doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. This means reducing travel, especially overseas, and ensuring that most of our pieces are made in the UK. 

Were not complacent - sustainability is always a goal. I always try to design and produce with it in mind and always ask the right questions. Hopefully we will get to a point where we dont need to question fashion                                                    and its impact.- Yan Neo

Who is Yan Neo?

Company founder and designer Yan Neophytou has spent most of her life working in the fashion industry, from helping her familys fashion business while growing up, and qualifying in tailoring and creative pattern-cutting before completing her Fashion BA (Hons) degree, to running a successful North London boutique for nearly ten years. It all led towards the launch of Yan Neo London in 2011. This is a carefully curated, beautifully designed wardrobe line of smart day-to-evening and executive office wear, as well as elegant leatherwear, contemporary jewellery and covetable leather bags. What distinguishes the label is its strong emphasis on tailoring*, quality and fit. And those sensible prices.

* The secret of tailoring

Tailoring doesnt only apply to suits and jackets, but involves the structure of any item so that it drapes, fits and flatters the body just right. Depending on the fabric, the item of clothing and of course the shape of the woman herself, this can involve darts, seams, shoulder pads, cups, panelling and even length to govern how the fabric falls and sits on the body. Expertise in this field is what makes Yan Neos designs excel.

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